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[Filter: Jonathan]

Are you sure you're ready? We still have a week ...
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[Filter: Nessa]

Hey, Nessa? Jonathan isn't getting that tea from you anymore, is he?

I didn't want to say anything while we were out there, because sleeping is the only thing that really helps him out in the mist like that, but now we're in the city and he still hasn't stopped. He stopped drinking it in front of me after I mentioned it a few times, but I can tell he hasn't actually stopped.

But I don't know anything about this, really! I know it's how Lord Darz died, but that's because he took too much all at once. What's going to happen to Jon if he keeps taking "enough to keep the nightmares away" -- which is wrong anyway, I can tell he's having bad dreams even with it, he's just worse at remembering things, lately -- what happens if he keeps taking the "right" amount?

Do I need to be more worried about this?
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Okay, well, if they didn't see that, I don't know what else we could have done! That was bright! Someone should probably tell these people to get back, we wouldn't want someone to land on them ...

I wish they could just write! I mean, I know why they can't, but this would be so much easier!
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Good moooorning~ I can smell that kitchen all the way from here, I swear. Are we all having breakfast together? Is anyone else up? I'm going to start a pile for the gifts downstairs~ Unless someone already did!
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I hope you're having a great day! You'd better do something fun! And get a bunch of presents! And eat cake! That's the most important part, I think we can all agree?
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[Filter: Jonathan]

You know ...

Sorry, I know you're busy. But I've been thinking ... Irene's probably dead? She was in Megam, last I knew. I should really be telling Rae and my mother, but I don't think the journals are even working up there, and ... I'm not sure what hearing this would do to them, either.

And I guess I wanted to tell someone. I don't know. It seems wrong, somehow, to live through all of that only to ...

Ugh. Sorry.

I wish I could be more help. I don't have anything to do except sit around and think too much, it's terrible.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Dragons, is that normal? Is she okay? Is --

What just happened? The water is--??
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Wait -- Celeste, that isn't the way out, where -- Celeste!

I think it's smoke. That's the smell. Where is she going?
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[Filter: Jace]

Hey ...

Hey, are you reading? Jace. I think ... I think everyone was wrong about bad memories. I mean, it's obvious you have plenty but ... I really think you might ...


Sorry, I saw -- I thought I saw --

I didn't obviously none of this is real

Jace I hope you're reading because I think you're the only person here that's still handling this and don't yell at me please just listen, you are, I've been watching you've had that same sour look on your stupid mean face the whole time and I don't know -- I don't want to know -- what you're seeing but I don't think it's working on you and it wasn't working on me but I'm starting to wonder things and I think if people -- people as strong as Faith and Sawyer are -- how can I expect to --

I can't do this much longer and everyone else is already gone and, and we should talk about that before it's too late.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Hey -- I found something!

Actually, this looks really promising!

[there's a long pause]

There's definitely some kind of manor, here, I can see the rooftops. Should I get closer? I don't want anyone to see me. I mean, if I can see the windows, they can see me, if they're looking. I don't see any black mist, but that was prooobably just spooky scary story stuff, right?
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I really wish we could stay longer ...

This place is so nice. And last night, too! Although I still say that those pants the men were wearing -- Dragons. How are you supposed to focus on the dancing?

I heard the roads get a little better the closer you get to the mountains, at least. Although, apparently we're supposed to watch out for mud slides. They said the same thing back in Kanemoria way back when, too. I hope it doesn't get that bad.

... I'm a little nervous about the border, honestly.
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[Filter: Franelcrew Girls]

Wait, wait, wait. Wait just one second. Was that Korvin?

Why is Korvin in here~?
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[Filter: Amelie]

Okay, I told myself I'd wait at least a day for Finlay to explain everything, but it doesn't look like there's been anything since last night, and ...

I mean, what happened? What is happening, over there? Lady Autumn is missing, and Leigh is there? You know, she up and left us without even saying a word! We were all worried about her, and she couldn't even bother to write back and let us know she was even alive!

And Well, my mother is
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All right! This tent is officially girls only from now on! I don't want to see any boys anywhere near here, and especially not any grooms. You'd all better keep him away! Whatever you're all working on right now, keeping Jace away from this tent is just as important, okay?
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Hey ...

Uh. Celeste didn't -- I mean, we flew all around here, and -- she doesn't see anything. At all. We stopped here, I'm sure this is the right hill ... she is, too, but she can't see it, anymore.

I'm not sure what to do. She's still looking around, here, but she won't really talk to me ...
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[Filter: Jonathan]

Okay! I was waiting to see if it just was going to fix itself, but apparently it's not, and I'm tired of keeping quiet about it! And I know you've noticed it too. Aileen. And Loki, I guess. I don't suppose you know what happened. They seemed so happy on the Festival, what could have possibly happened? They went out to those gardens together, right? And then everyone was playing around in the water, and then we had cider and biscuits, and I don't remember if I even saw them for that, so, hmmm.

I hope she didn't just suddenly ... you know, call it off with him on Festival, that is just too tacky. Or -- you know, him with her. Jeez. What's the deal, there?
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[Filter: Rae]

You listen to me. You're in that tent right now because you're a selfish little prat, and it's about time someone sat you down and told you so. Mother is having a Dragons damned breakdown and all you can do is twist it around, make it about you?

No, you don't get to do that, anymore. You've spent all this time with us, ever since Eina, pretending that if you scream and cry and argue and stamp your feet enough, we'll all forget what happened there. That we'll forget about Ruseia, and the way she put you on her lap and played you like the little idiot you were, that we'll forget you almost got us all killed.

No more.

You've made it clear that you won't think of anyone but yourself unless we do something drastic. Well, here's what's going to happen, Rae!

I'm Lady of Taerin, now. Not Mother. Colleen is absorbing all our old lands into Forna. Gebann is giving us a place in Eina, instead. So. Taerin is an Eastern House, now, sworn to House Eina, and you're the only heir I have. And you're going to learn the proper way an Einan Lady behaves, do you hear me?

You're going with Gebann. You can scream about it all you want, no one will care. We made the agreement, we have it on paper, we both signed it, it's done. You're going to Eina on behalf of House Taerin and Gebann, Dagda and Tabea are going to get through to you and you're going to learn something, whether you like it or not.

I told him not to let you have a journal until he thought you could handle it.

And that's that.
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[Filter: Celeste]

Celeste, you ... you need to come see this. Get Nynaeve and get up here, Rae and I are straight north of camp ...

This isn't a normal storm.
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[Filter: Eina Army]

... We're ready.

If we're going to get this done with any daylight left, we should go sooner than later. Are the ground troops ready? The Pegasus Knights are just waiting for your signal, Gebann.
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[Filter: The Eina Army]

Okay, okay, I know everyone has a lot of questions, and I swear I haven't been avoiding any of you, things have just been crazy since we got back.

Gebann, Tabea wants to meet as soon as we can to talk strategy. We couldn't get too close, obviously, but we got a lot closer than we thought. They weren't even trying to watch for us. No patrols, no scouts, no one in the tower posts. Lots of soldiers, but no real defenses -- they're completely unprepared for an attack.

The problem is, there are a lot of them, and it's the Sarrca army, so you can bet almost every one of them is a battle mage. We might catch them by surprise, but once they realize what's happening, they can do a lot of damage, fast.

Can we gather everyone tonight? There's a lot to discuss.

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