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Lauren ([personal profile] flyingfree) wrote2013-03-08 08:07 pm

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[Filter: The Eina Army]

Okay, okay, I know everyone has a lot of questions, and I swear I haven't been avoiding any of you, things have just been crazy since we got back.

Gebann, Tabea wants to meet as soon as we can to talk strategy. We couldn't get too close, obviously, but we got a lot closer than we thought. They weren't even trying to watch for us. No patrols, no scouts, no one in the tower posts. Lots of soldiers, but no real defenses -- they're completely unprepared for an attack.

The problem is, there are a lot of them, and it's the Sarrca army, so you can bet almost every one of them is a battle mage. We might catch them by surprise, but once they realize what's happening, they can do a lot of damage, fast.

Can we gather everyone tonight? There's a lot to discuss.

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