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Birthdate:Dec 10
Website:Himitsu no Sensou RP

Name: Lauren
Class: Pegasus Knight -> Falcon Knight
Weapons: Lances [C], Staves [-]
Country: Korin
Age:14151617 18
Birthday: December 10, 608
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Blood Type: B+
Family: Rodger [Father, 48], Clara [Mother, 42], Irene [Sister], Rae [Sister]; Brandon [Brother]; Tyre [Cousin]
Languages Known: Trade [A], Korin [B]

As the second daughter of a minor noble house in the land of Korin, Lauren's life has always been rather interesting -- if only because she has always considered it her mission to make it so. Even as a child, she was far more likely to be found outdoors, slinging snow with the common children, or sneaking into areas she was expressly forbade to be. Her parents would cluck their tongues and shake their heads, and perhaps chastise her here and there for her odd habits, but none expressed their disapproval as clearly as Irene, her elder sister. For Lauren, however, it is certainly not her intention to disappoint her elder sister; merely the nature of their radically different personalities. She often will try to please her sister, only to be thwarted by her own naturally adventerous nature in the end.

The decision to become a Pegasus Knight was natural for her; it was a vocation that would not only allow her freedom and the chance for adventure and excitement beyond anything she had previously imagined -- it was one that would allow her to do so honorably. How could her family be disappointed in her, were she to do the things she loved regardless in the name of such a profession? It was perfect.

Unfortunately, despite hard training and a growing love of the skies and the horizons that no doubt awaited, her master plan was a bit subdued along the way; the only adventures she could speak of being on were boring messenger relaying missions on behalf of her parents. This was bad enough, but as though to add insult to injury, she was often sent with her elder sister -- and despite her best efforts, her criticisms and dampening personality were as apparent as always. Still, Lauren has always had a side of her that truly wishes to please her family, and so she has always obeyed her parents' wishes -- though not without complaint! After all, as the second daughter of a noble house -- never mind Korin's turbulent political situation, for nobility is nobility, after all -- she certainly never expected to be charged with such dreadfully dry tasks.

Eventually, Lauren began to come into her own as a woman in her own right, and as she continued to develop her forthright personality and skills as a Pegasus Knight, she grew increasingly restless, yearning for something more than a tedious job, delivering letters here and there with her stuffy elder sister. This situation reached its breaking point when, in the midst of a blinding snowstorm, Lauren abandoned her sisters to answer a call for help through her magical journal, her head full of high hopes of heroism and proving her worth.

She met with the Lady Celeste in the town of Forshen not long later, and though her guilt at abandoning her family was strong, at first, over time the friendship she forged with Celeste and the bonds she built with their companions as their group grew ever larger overrode her every misgiving. She kept in touch with her sisters through their magically linked journals, but as the political situation in Korin reached a boiling point, and Lady Celeste's situation grew ever more complicated, the lives of the heirs of House Taerin grew increasingly estranged from one another. As time went on, Lauren began to realize that she no longer knew entirely where her own loyalties truly lied; with the friends she had pledged to support and protect as a Pegasus Knight, or the family she had loved and been raised to put before all things.

Her choice was made for her when her eldest sister, Irene, was named a traitor for her romantic relationship with Lord Jarek, the heir of Sylea -- a house her own family and sworn liege besides had long been at war with. Irene was driven into exile, and Lauren driven further into the mission she had been pledged to for now two years -- supporting Lady Celeste and the rest of their companions on their long journey across the continent of Eire. Her younger sister, Rae, eventually joined her on this journey, where they hesitantly began picking up the pieces of their previously wounded relationship, though the closeness they had once shared had been undeniably diluted.

Lauren then faced a new difficulty -- with Irene exiled from Korin, she became Taerin's heir. Terrified that she would be apprehended and forced home to claim the title, and still recovering from the shock and grief that the news of her sister's shame had brought her to begin with, she sought comfort in the company of Jonathan, a Kilian mage that had accompanied them from the very start, and whom she had always been attracted to, to some extent. They grew ever closer as they awaited news from Taerin.

When this news arrived, it was entirely unexpected -- Lady Clara was pregnant. If the child were a boy, Lauren would no longer be the heir apparent to House Taerin -- and thus would perhaps not be forced to return home to assume proper training for the role. Lauren continued her journey with Celeste and Jonathan, worry about this and other issues never far from her mind, and it was relief when some months later she found that her mother had delivered a son who would one day be Lord Brandon of House Taerin. She was free to stay with her friends. During this time, she and Jonathan made their growing relationship official, in every sense of the word.

Her travels with Celeste have taken her most recently to Razen and Cleraine, Atsiria's most famous cities, where the group has been faced with trial after trial, wearing on their hearts and minds and motivations. Now in Cleraine, Lauren remains entirely estranged from Irene, and struggles to support Celeste through her family's ever-worsening trials, and Rae in the face of the tragic results of the War of Secrets touching their group at last.

Lauren is an adventurous, fun-loving girl with a knack for getting into trouble without particularly meaning to. Typically, she is all smiles -- some admittedly more mischievous than others. She is quite outgoing, approachable, and upbeat, rarely letting what frustrations she does harbor show. Her sisters -- though annoying and frustrating at times, as all siblings are -- mean the world to her, and she is quite keen on making them and her family proud, despite the fact that her desires seem to directly conflict with what her family wants from her, more often than not.

Still, she keeps her head up and focuses on the brighter things in life, and her upbeat personality is easy to mistake for childishness, though most people who get to know her can attest that despite an overwhelmingly hyper outlook and irresponsible behavior, at times, Lauren always holds the interests of those she cares about close at heart. She gets along well with both men and women, though those with similar, dutious personalities such as that of her eldest sister often fix her with raised eyebrows and whispered words; thing she typically chooses to ignore. As for men; she has always been a bit of a flirt, and as she has matured this aspect of her personality has translated to a sometimes endearing, sometimes annoying tendency to become quite attached to the boys she happens to meet. As a rather pretty noble of Korin, most of them tend to put up with it, but it is no secret that many find her personality rather... tiring, at best.

Concerning her rank, Lauren is proud of her family's position, but certainly not overly attached to the lifestyle. It is a useful fact at times in last ditch efforts to get her own way; other times, it is a bothersome reminder of duty and the ideals Irene holds in such high suffocatingly high esteem. Of course, her lifestyle as of yet has never exposed her to the hardships of life in the common class. She is acutely aware of the differences between her position and that of the nobles of other countries, but fretting about political issues and social status have never been her style, and her ruminations on such things never last very long.

With bright green hair and shocking violet eyes, Lauren's features are quite memorable. She has fair skin and wears her hair relatively short -- well above the shoulders -- with bangs that hang just above her eyes. Her figure is fit and lean, though her stature is best described as quite short, just breaking the five foot mark. Her riding outfit is simple and designed for mobility and comfort; a rather form fitting, short-skirted white cotton dress cinched with a thin leather belt at the waist. Her armor is custom made to her taste; two lavender hued shoulder plates and a heart shaped breast plate of the same color. The riding boots she wears are knee high and match the color of her armor.

[Lauren is played by [info]elzie for [info]himitsu_sensou]
[Her PB is Asa Shigure, from Shuffle!]

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adventures, axebutt, being a runaway, being awesome, being cute, being defiant, being myself, being on my own, boys, breaking rules, causing breakdowns, celeste, celeste smiling, cute boys, definitely not that short, flying, freedom, friends, fun, hot chocolate, keeping celeste sane, making fun of zach, middle peg sisters rule, middle sister, my sisters, not being tiny, not caring about rules, pastries, pegasi, probably being bisexual, riding with celeste, romance, snow, snowfights, snowmen, stars, stealing journals, stories, sweets, tackling zach, tall guys, teasing zach, travelling
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