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[Filter: Franelcrew]

I'm keeping this filtered because I think Gebann and Dagda will want to tell the army their own way -- but I can't very well leave without all of you realizing something is going on. So ...

Keran is moving faster than we ever thought possible. A Lahn scout reported him arriving in Orach just a few days ago. The Dentorians only had a skeleton garrison there waiting for us, so you can imagine that Keran had no trouble taking the keep back.

It's not all bad news, though. Keran still doesn't know Eina has mobilized, and we're right on his doorstep. The pegasus knight that escaped from Orach reported that she wasn't seen; it matches what we know about Keran, he would have sent his own knights after her if he knew she was there. So, not only does Keran not know about us, he doesn't know that the Dentorians know that Orach's been taken.

We think he's planning to keep an auxiliary force in Orach to pin the Dentorian army between that force and Sarrca's gates, when the siege begins. Basically, he's trying to do to us what we were planning to do to him.

But if we can take Orach back, without him knowing -- we can still catch him completely offguard. We won't catch him out in the open like we were hoping, but we can still salvage this situation to our advantage.

And that's why Tabea and I are taking the scouts ahead, tonight. We need to know what sort of force Keran left behind him, and if we can feasibly take it back.

We'll be back as soon as we can be.
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[Filter: Rae]

Okay, I talked to Tabby.

We're going to wing back down south a bit to the last waypost to make sure our supplies are getting through on time, and bring back a few medical supplies we're running low on here in the front.

I know you said you wanted to do some scouting, but this is at least something, right?
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[Filter: Celeste]

Heyyy, so, I've sort of heard some rumours going around that ... something happened, with Kail and Sawyer?

Have you heard anything about this? I mean, I know it's not really my business, but if something is happening that's going to make today a big weird disaster for everyone, I'd like a little advance warning. And I think Pearl deserves that, too.
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[Filter: Lord Maxwell]

Lord Gebann requested that I pass on a message to you.

If you really are the leader of these rebels, and you truly intend to organize and ally yourselves with Eina -- it's best if you speak directly with him. He won't arrive in person for a few days, yet, but he does have a journal here, the same as us.

[Filter: Franelcrew in Forna]

I haven't met the man who claims to be leading these rebels, yet, but I'm hearing a lot of talk, now. Just hearing that he's here seems to have energized some of them, hasn't it?

I've been making rounds here, talking to the pegasus knights here. They're all from fallen houses ... there are the remnants of a lot of fallen houses, here. I can't believe it. Are there any houses still standing, except Eina and Sarrca? I'm starting to wonder ...

They're not exactly rebels, but they're all looking for someone to blame for what's happened to them. If "Maxwell" can get his rebels moving, and we can unite what's left of these separate armies under Gebann's banners, we might come out of this ahead, after all.

How are our supplies doing, Nessa? Leigh?

Jasmine, do you want to come with me again, today?
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[Filter: Private]

I forgot how nice it was to just ... have someone.

At least ... I mean, there's so much about tomorrow to dread, so much to make myself sick over. At least there's ... I don't know.

I've missed him. I still don't ... trust him, but ... I guess there are a lot of reasons for that, aren't there? But it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to work. And even if it doesn't, in the end ...

I don't know. I don't feel anything, when I think about it. Not yet.

Maybe I'm just older, now.

[Filter: Mom]

... I still wish you were going.

No one else understands. They've heard everything we said, but they didn't see it. They just don't know ...

And we're going to see it again. Again and again ...

... Ugh, sorry. I know you don't want to think about it, either. I don't blame you for not coming with us, not at all. I should probably try to get some sleep, but -- yeah.
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[Filter: Celeste]

Hey ... are you almost done, in there?

It's been so long now that I'm pretty sure Jace knows something is going on~ And I had something I wanted to do, tonight ...

[Filter: Jonathan]

You know, you seem a little distracted, tonight~ Aren't you enjoying yourself~?
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[Filter: Mother]

Hey ... are you making any progress, in there? Celeste and I have been done for awhile, now, and ...

I don't know if you're even going to read this or not, but if you're not out in another ten minutes or so, I think we're going to come looking for you. You've been in there long enough to give him plenty of chances to reconsider.

Gebann will sort him out.
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[Filter: Celeste]

So ...

Are you and Nynaeve ready for your first official assignment, yet, do you think~?

[Filter: Mom]

I don't know how much you've heard, but -- I've got a quick mission to run for Gebann. Hopefully quick, anyway. A few small squads are being sent out tomorrow to investigate just why some of Eina's sworn banners haven't shown ... or even sent letters, yet, and I've got one of them. We'll be leaving tomorrow, and it shouldn't be more than a day's flight out.
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[Filter: Gebann]

I guess this did have to be asked, eventually. And I don't know if you've spoken with Lawrence, or anyone, but ...

Have you given any thought to what, exactly, our -- their -- role is going to be, in all this? They're not like you or me, they don't have a personal stake in this war. It isn't about bringing down Sarrca, for them ... it's about getting Celeste to Sarrca, with everyone in one piece. What happens after that -- it could be anything. And people are getting nervous, wondering if they'll be expected to fight Sarrca to earn their stay.
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[Filter: Mother]

No matter what Gebann says, you don't have to do this today. If you need more time to rest ...
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[Filter: Nessa]

Nessa -- please say you're reading, now. I need you to send Rae here, please, right away. It's ...

It's important.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Hey ...

I know everyone is wondering what's going on. I have to go back in, we're just taking a break for a few minutes, but I think we're going to be in there a lot longer. The good news is that for the first time, it feels like they're listening ...

The girl that -- that my father sent. She has a lot of good information. It's hard to explain it all right now, in the time I have, but it's about what's really been happening out there.

It's so much worse than we knew. Even with the journals, even with hearing bits and pieces, it's so much worse. Korin is falling apart. There aren't many Houses left, anymore, and if Sarrca and its allies are all that's left, except Eina and little pieces of the East ...

The whole point is to convince them that there's no way that Keran wouldn't look here, next.

And I think it's working.

But we have maps to go over, and a lot more to discuss, and the council has so many questions -- but for the first time, I think they're listening. I think they're scared. And that's exactly what we want. We want everyone to know -- to know and really believe -- that no one is safe until we send Keran to hell, where he belongs.
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[Filter: Mother]

I don't think I'll ever understand why you stayed. Maybe I'm just not honorable enough. Maybe it's selfish to think that living is more important than standing for some stupid code that says you need to just let an evil man run a sword through your back -- just because he has more men than you, just because he took your lands and your castle -- who cares?!

Who cares about any of that.

Taerin isn't dead. Taerin is more than just a spot on a map.

Everyone wants the war to be over, especially here. All of Gebann's people are so afraid that their mad lord that's come back from the dead to rule them is going to drag them out of their safe little tower and make them face what's happening, for once. Even most of my friends think it's a bad idea, facing Keran after this.

They don't get it.

He needs to die.

Nothing will ever be okay as long as Keran of Sarrca is still alive.

I'll never, ever understand why you stayed. I still can't believe I never saw you again. I always meant to come home, Rae and I both did. We would have brought everyone with us, on our way to Sarrca, I'm sure of it. Father wouldn't have liked everyone, I don't think. We're too different. We bring too many changes, wherever we go, and there was nothing father hated more than things he couldn't control. Maybe that's what this was about. At least he could control the way he died.

I hope he was proud. I hope he looked Keran in the eye when he swung the sword. I hope he tried to fight back, tried with everything he had. I hope you did, too.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it there in time.

But I'm going to live. And I'm going to fight for you. I promise.
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[Filter: Rae]

I know that

Look, I

... You should really write to mom. If you haven't, lately.
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[Filter: Gebann]

Sarrca is marching on Taerin right now! I wrote to -- to my mom. She says my father refuses to leave, and there's nothing she can do.

He's going to kill everyone! My parents, my brother, my entire house! And they won't leave and I don't even know how long they really have, and -- I don't know what to do! Isn't there anything we can do?!
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[Filter: Mother]

You wouldn't believe the things that have been happening out here, lately.

You should probably know that there's ... a chance, at least, that Eina is going to declare war on Sarrca. They sent an assassin after Gebann. They didn't succeed, obviously, but it was close.

If he can convince his generals ...

It's hard to say right now, but I know Gebann. I know how stubborn he can be. It really might happen, Eina marching to war in the west.
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Wow, okay. I knew Tabby wouldn't be happy about this, but really? ...

Should we leave? I'm not sure we should be staying for this ...
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[Filter: Celeste]

Okay! I'm ready whenever.

It's ... kind of cramped, in here, and smelly, so -- if you could not be out too long, that would be great~
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[Filter: Private]

So ... was it a date?


Haha. Celeste seems to think it was, anyway ...

[Filter: Celeste]


We need to get a plan for this, you know! If we keep putting it off, who knows what they'll get up to next. If they're already bothering Nynaeve, and maybe stealing things from you, we need to put a stop to it!

[Filter: Pearl]

I haven't ... seen you out at all, the last couple of days.

Do you want to talk, maybe?
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[Filter: Mother]

There's so much I need to tell you. You might want to sit down before you read any further. This is going to be long, and you probably won't believe it all, on your first read. But I swear it's true.


Lord Valtes and Lady Ruseia are both dead. Lord Gebann has returned to Eina to take over as its heir in truth.

... Actually, to tell the truth ... Gebann has always been with us. We brought him here, and I knew what he was planning from the start. It didn't happen the way he hoped it would -- Valtes was assassinated several days ago, and the story that we'd been telling Ruseia to keep us her honored guests here didn't hold up under the interrogation she lead in response to it. She threw us all in the dungeons, yesterday morning. Only ... she didn't get all of us.

I don't know exactly how Ruseia died. The people who were there aren't saying. But she's gone, I know that for sure. And two of our friends freed Gebann from where Ruseia had been holding him, separate from the rest of us, and after we realized Ruseia was dead, Gebann revealed himself to Lady Martha, and ...

The public announcement is today. Gebann is taking over as Lord of Eina, in truth. Word will spread all over Korin, probably, if it can make it past everything happening out there. But these journals will probably help with that, won't they?

That's not all, though ...

The rest is about, well ... Forna.

House Drysi wasn't responsible for what happened to Forna.

Keran of Sarrca came to Valtes of Eina and struck a bargain. Forna was the biggest threat to both their power, and Keran proposed an alliance. They joined forces, fell on Forna, destroyed everything and retreated before anyone knew what was happening. Gebann tried to stop it. Ruseia ... Ruseia, though ... she helped lead the attack.

Then Sarrca found a way to pin all the blame on Drysi. No one ever knew.

Gebann wants nothing more than revenge on Sarrca, for what they enabled his sister to do. He could be the ally we need, against Lord Keran.

It's still early, but ...

I wanted you to know all of this. I wanted you to know that there's hope, after all. This isn't just a pretend game, anymore. As far as I'm concerned -- Taerin and Eina are allies. Even if Rayla falls ... Eina never will.

And if anyone can prove a match for Lord Keran of Sarrca ... it's Lord Gebann of Eina.

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