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Lauren ([personal profile] flyingfree) wrote2015-11-24 07:57 pm

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[Filter: Nessa]

Hey, Nessa? Jonathan isn't getting that tea from you anymore, is he?

I didn't want to say anything while we were out there, because sleeping is the only thing that really helps him out in the mist like that, but now we're in the city and he still hasn't stopped. He stopped drinking it in front of me after I mentioned it a few times, but I can tell he hasn't actually stopped.

But I don't know anything about this, really! I know it's how Lord Darz died, but that's because he took too much all at once. What's going to happen to Jon if he keeps taking "enough to keep the nightmares away" -- which is wrong anyway, I can tell he's having bad dreams even with it, he's just worse at remembering things, lately -- what happens if he keeps taking the "right" amount?

Do I need to be more worried about this?

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