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Hey ...

Hey, are you reading? Jace. I think ... I think everyone was wrong about bad memories. I mean, it's obvious you have plenty but ... I really think you might ...


Sorry, I saw -- I thought I saw --

I didn't obviously none of this is real

Jace I hope you're reading because I think you're the only person here that's still handling this and don't yell at me please just listen, you are, I've been watching you've had that same sour look on your stupid mean face the whole time and I don't know -- I don't want to know -- what you're seeing but I don't think it's working on you and it wasn't working on me but I'm starting to wonder things and I think if people -- people as strong as Faith and Sawyer are -- how can I expect to --

I can't do this much longer and everyone else is already gone and, and we should talk about that before it's too late.