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Lauren ([personal profile] flyingfree) wrote2013-09-25 08:34 pm

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[Filter: Jonathan]

Okay! I was waiting to see if it just was going to fix itself, but apparently it's not, and I'm tired of keeping quiet about it! And I know you've noticed it too. Aileen. And Loki, I guess. I don't suppose you know what happened. They seemed so happy on the Festival, what could have possibly happened? They went out to those gardens together, right? And then everyone was playing around in the water, and then we had cider and biscuits, and I don't remember if I even saw them for that, so, hmmm.

I hope she didn't just suddenly ... you know, call it off with him on Festival, that is just too tacky. Or -- you know, him with her. Jeez. What's the deal, there?

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